Analyzing the Economic Potential of Low Grade Mining Projects

I recently built a database of lower grade, industrial metals focused mining projects with the intention of analyzing them to determine what the necessary ingredients are to produce attractive economic outcomes. This analysis led to some interesting conclusions.

Azarga Metals Is Exploring An Interesting Copper / Silver Project

Nowadays I am spending a lot of time looking at junior miners focused on silver, zinc, and copper. In this Letter we take a look at Azarga Metals which is exploring an interesting copper-silver project in Eastern Russia.

True Biblical Money

This Letter is the product of years of Bible study, economic and monetary reading, observation, and thoughtful reflection with the Holy Spirit. The implementation of True Biblical Money has the power to bring positive, fundamental change to the economic basis of a society. If nothing else, I hope that it is properly understood by economically minded representatives of Christ around the world so that God’s standard for money can at least be adequately put on display.